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About Us

Synthesis Power Holdings is a Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic partnership between Fusion Energy and All Power Systems.

Synthesis Power Holdings is a Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic company which offers fully financed solar installations with highly competitive tariff plans, resulting in savings and all-risk guarantees.

Synthesis is a partnership between Fusion Energy and All Power Systems. These partners bring together over 100 years of energy management experience and have funded billions of rands worth of renewable energy projects globally.

The Synthesis team includes some of the most respected people in power, legal, financial and renewable energy.

The Team

  • Jay Naidoo

    CEO of Synthesis Power Holdings

    Jay is a veteran in the Solar Rooftop and Utility Management arena and holds a BA Degree in Business Studies from the University of Greenwich, London.

    He has overseen large-scale renewable energy projects across the country and, in collaboration with his extensive team, worked with a number of Blue-Chip companies.

    Jay steers Synthesis Power Holdings into becoming the leading Energy Project Developer and Financer on the African Continent.

  • Steve Flandorp


    Steve Flandorp holds over 20 years of high level experience in the field of energy and has worked on numerous global energy projects, reaching as far as the Americas. He is also a part-time lecturer on Corporate Governance (Kings 3rd), providing a wealth of energy related skills and expertise as well as vital strategic guidance.

  • Demetri Pappadopoulos

    Fusion Energy Holdings

    Demetri holds a BA (Economics) LLB from the University of Cape Town. He is also a founder shareholder of Helius Energy Plc which is a biomass energy developer listed on the London Stock Exchange. Helius was listed in 2007 and operates successfully as a developer of biomass fired power plants. Demetri, together with Investec and ADC Projects developed, funded and closed the first IPP Cogen projects in South Africa, which was a 40MW gas-fired plant in Middelburg in 2009. In addition, Demetri has pursued a vision of establishing a true African Independent Power Producer and, to this end, is one of the founders of Fusion Global and Fusion Energy Holdings.

  • Brandon Siebrits

    Financial Analyst

    Brandon is a qualified Associate Chartered Management Accountant with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He has a vast amount of experience in the Financial Services industry such as Asset Management, liquidity risk analysis, strategic opportunity assessment, capital raising and financial analysis requirements.

    Brandon supports the Synthesis team by providing innovative strategic solutions in Investments Analysis, Capital Raising, and finance.

  • Andre Du Toit

    New Business Executive

    Andre is a seasoned business executive who holds a BCom Honours degree in Business Economics, is an accredited certified energy auditor and a qualified Integral coach. Over the past 6 years he has earned wide-ranging experience and expertise in Utility Management and Solar Rooftop Energy.

    He has served as the CEO of a national utilities management organisation, with a project portfolio of just under 1000 commercial buildings.

  • Matt Ash

    Legal Advisor

    Matt is an energy and infrastructure project lawyer with deep and authoritative knowledge in the energy and infrastructure sector. His main areas of activity are in renewable energy, oil & gas, unconventional gas, nuclear, and base load power.

    Matt has been listed as a leading lawyer in the financial and corporate space by IFLR1000, 2016. He was listed as a leading energy and infrastructure lawyer, IFLR1000, 2014. Matt holds a BA LLB degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Maritime Law from the University of Cape Town. He was admitted as an attorney in 1991 and as an attorney-advocate in 1995.

  • Dr Adrian Bowles

    Technical and Commercial Advisor

    Adrian has a BSc (Eng) in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Fluid Mechanics. He has over 25 years of experience in the design, construction, development, financing and project management of projects and businesses in the energy sector. Adrian has been an executive director for nine years of a FTSE quoted company, demonstrating good interpersonal, management and presentation skills, working at senior and Board level, including interaction with shareholders, investors and Government agencies. He also has strong corporate finance experience, with overall profit and loss responsibility.

  • Dr Steve Lennon

    Technical and Commercial Advisor

    Dr Lennon is a qualified scientist and engineer, with a PhD in Materials engineering and training in leadership, governance, sustainability management and specialist technical disciplines. He has a reputation for constructive input to various global forums such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), United Nations Global Compact and the International Chamber of Commerce.

    Dr Lennon has served with the Innovation Agency, was chairman of the National Advisory Council on Innovation and was a founder partner in Eskom Research, as well as establishing the Eskom ETA Awards for energy innovation. Dr. Lennon received a Bsc degree in Applied Chemistry from the University of Natal, his MS in Physical Metallurgy from Wits University, and his PhD for Research into Turbine Disc Cracking also from Wits.

  • Wendy Green

    Board Chairperson

    Wendy has had a long history in the energy industry in South Africa. Besides leading many projects through the REIPPP programme (including wind, solar PV and biomass) she has led business development and growth strategies throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. With her entrepreneurial spirit supported by many years of energy, business development and management consulting experience, Wendy co-founded Fusion Energy in 2014. Fusion has built a strong portfolio of businesses and projects including biomass, commercial rooftop Solar PV and a series of hydro projects along the Fish River in the Eastern Cape. She has played a role as director on various renewable energy project companies as well as chairperson on community trusts and is passionate about sustainability and making a difference through the projects she develops and invest in.

Unique, fully funded solar solutions

Zero Capital Expenditure. Guaranteed Savings. Zero Risk.

For most businesses, the first questions about Solar Energy are always:

How much does it cost?
How much will it save?
And how reliable is it?

Firstly, the biggest cost of a rooftop solar system is the utility installation. At Synthesis we simply take that cost off your hands. We build it into our savings model. Meaning zero upfront capital investment.

Secondly, whilst solar efficiencies can only be estimated based on historic, regional weather data, our experienced team can predict, fairly accurately, how much photovoltaic energy will be generated over time and - more importantly -how much money we can save you, compared to the same period, powered by the municipal or national utility.

Thirdly, we don’t just estimate your savings. We guarantee them. And, for your peace of mind, we insure those savings with our own all-risk, solar savings insurance plan, underwritten by an international re-insurer.

Synthesis Financial Model

This unique financial modeling and finance structure is highly competitive.

Our electricity tariffs, compounded over defined periods of up to ten years, including installation finance, will surprise you.

Solar Savings Insurance

Our 100% Solar Savings Insurance is the first of its kind in Southern Africa.

How does it work?

Install rooftop solar technology with Synthesis, and you sign a contract that shows exactly how much money you’ll save over time.
That saving is guaranteed.

Adverse weather conditions, maintenance and even accidental damage (like hail) can reduce these projected savings, no matter how scientifically sound the calculations have been.

Of course, within a business, inflated electricity costs can prove disastrous.Underwritten by a leading international re-insurer, our Solar Savings Insurance guarantees that whatever your agreed projected savings were, those are the savings you will still enjoy.

Not only that, but our insurance is All Risk, covering all the other incurred costs as well.

One hundred percent guaranteed.

To find out more, contact us here and we’ll explain how we do it.

Why Synthesis

Sun-drenched South Africa is one of the best places to produce solar power.

When it comes to finding (and funding) financial structures, installing solar utilities and managing power, we provide unmatched expertise and service in solar rooftop energy.

  • Synthesis provides the funding for the PV installations, meaning that customers don’t need to provide any upfront capex;

  • Synthesis offers energy based Service Level Agreements (rather than Lease Agreements) which allows our solutions to be completely off-balance sheet and allows the customer to treat the contract as a monthly OPEX cost;

  • All of the forecasted energy savings are guaranteed and under-written by Mutual & Federal;

  • Synthesis offers cost effective electricity with a predictable price trajectory, thus reducing exposure to the volatility of Eskom price increases;

  • By installing Synthesis solutions, clients can secure improved energy security in the face of future Eskom capacity constraints;

  • Synthesis offers flexible pricing structures designed to meet client’s specific needs;

  • Synthesis services include full integration with current utility systems and utility management;

  • Synthesis services include full analysis and tracking of generation output and savings;

  • Synthesis is a BEE Level 2 company, thus supporting clients BEE procurement targets

For more information contact or contact us here.

At Our Core

  • At Synthesis we develop, construct, own and operate rooftop solar installations on commercial buildings across South Africa. By offering various contracting structures, customers will have access to electricity produced from Synthesis owned and operated plants.

    We work to an incredibly high standard of ethics with a flawless reputation, earned over 15 years.

  • Sustainability is all about taking care of the long-term for good. So when we work together, our resources become your resources.

    Whatever service our clients require, be it installing a solar utility, managing their power or finding financial structures, we look for real relationships.

    Our clients can focus on their own customers and clients, confident that their power supply is not only clean, but also in the safest, most professional hands.

  • We are dedicated to the best of human nature and the power of collective goodwill. We put people first - yours and ours.

    We believe in building genuine relationships that lead to shared success.

    Because there’s nothing more important to us than the impact Synthesis has on the people we work with, and the planet we live on.


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